What are the new Coronavirus Sick Pay rights?

Mar, 2020

Statutory Sick Pay will be made available from day one when self-isolating, instead of day four, the Prime Minister has announced.

Under the current legislative framework workers who have sufficient earnings (at least £118 per week) may be eligible for Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

SSP rules currently include waiting days and this is where the change will take place, which is that the first 3 days that you are off sick are not paid currently but are proposed to be under this new proposal.

Qtac payroll software allows you to overwrite your Waiting Days and therefore if the new legislation comes into effect then Qtac users will be able to make the change within their payroll software straight away. 

Please note:

Currently, no legislation has been passed to make SSP available from the 1st day. Our guidance from HMRC is that SSP legislation at this time is unchanged and three days of waiting are applicable. We will issue further guidance to employers upon the legislation passing.

Watch this space….