We have amazing customers!

Apr, 2020

In these challenging times it’s nice to get positive feedback.

The last month or so have been a little surreal! Unprecedented in fact, in our times. As the UK government has reacted to the economic implications of the spread of COVID-19, so too have we, supporting our customers with new software features in order to aid payroll processing.

We’ve a great team of people here at Qtac and we have great pride in the fact that they have collaborated to quickly turn around the first – of what will be several – software releases supporting new Coronavirus legislation.

For that reason, it was fantastic to receive this email of thanks from one of our amazing customers:

You brilliant people, have added these new features to make it possible for us to easily process furlough leave and SSP from day one!

I can imagine you have been working around the clock to make this happen!

We do appreciate everything you do, even if we don’t say that very often.

A big thank you!

To Dana and the team at Possability People: thank you, that made our day!

We have further upcoming features in the pipeline.

Please ensure that you keep up-to-date with Qtac and look out for additional features in the coming weeks. Our next version, due out next week, will have the following features:

  • Create a furlough period for an employee.
  • Automatically calculate the furlough (basic) pay for an employee who is ‘Furloughed’.
  • Flag furlough pay on QC01, Self-seal Mailer and Portal Payslips.
  • Report all SSP payments due to COVID-19 related absences (for reclaim).

We are yet to hear how the government intend us to calculate furlough pay. Rest assured that once we do, we shall endeavor to get an update out to you as soon as is humanly possible!

In the mean time, if there is anything that we can do to help you through this challenging time, please let us know. We’re all in this together!

For additional information please visit: Coronavirus Guidance for Customers