User Defined Exports

Oct, 2020

We are always looking to highlight and showcase features that would be beneficial and useful to our clients. This article summarises how user defined exports will help gather a range of reports and improve payroll processing efficiency when exporting information from Qtac software.

What is user defined exports?

User defined exports allows you to customise your search and transfer all of the data required from Qtac, straight into a CSV format. Select which data you need from a considerable list of employee, company, pay period and invoicing information. For example, if you wanted to report on employee details, you select the columns that you want to display on your export by clicking on relevant check boxes.

Add custom fields which are defined by you, in addition to the pre-set fields. This saves time not having to manually add columns into the report after it has been exported. Adjust the order of the data depending on how you want the information to be shown on the CSV file. Filter exactly what information you need and export in just a couple of clicks.

User defined exports is available on all Manager, Bureau and Specialist products.

Key Benefits

  • Not limited to pre-set reports
  • Customise exports to how you want them
  • Export into a CSV file format

Exporting your report to Excel

Exporting data out of Qtac is extremely simple, just choose the location and click Export. Once the file is successfully exported you will have the option to open the file immediately.


We’ve added a guide to our Knowledge Base to walk you through the set up and on-going use. Click on the link below to get started:

As always if you need any further information or guidance please do not hesitate to get in contact with one of our team on 0117 9353500 or email us at