The Benefits of Outsourcing your Payroll as an Accountant

Nov, 2022

Managing payroll for your clients has certainly had its challenges. Your payroll team will have had to deal with considerable changes in legislation, implemented at breakneck speed and team members working remotely or out of the office due to illness, all at a time when your clients have needed your support and expertise across more than just payroll to ensure their business survival.

Now the dust has settled and firms take stock, many are looking at the way in which they deliver their services in the future and payroll is one of the key areas under consideration. Should it remain something they deliver in house or would it make more sense to outsource to a specialist provider such as Qtac?

By outsourcing your payroll to Qtac, you can free up resources to focus on core, higher fee-paying activities, with the peace of mind that your payroll responsibilities are still being met.

Key benefits

Focus on core operations

Outsourcing your payroll takes away your administrative burden and challenges whilst providing continuity in uncertain times. Company talent can be available to support your clients in core services and not be tied down to a complex activity such as payroll.

Cost of expertise

The recent pandemic demonstrated that legislation can change quickly. To have the level of expertise required to manage such a changing world within your firm can be cost-prohibitive particularly when it may not be required day in day out. The Qtac team has years of experience on hand to draw on but without the overhead.

Loss of key resources

If you rely on a small number of people within the firm to have the technical knowledge to manage payroll what happens if they are sick? Your service and reputation are considerably at risk if you don’t have sufficient contingencies in place, all of which come at a cost.

Low administration overheads

Payroll is a specialised activity, to process it in house requires dedicated resources and time. By outsourcing, you save on costs and staffing. The expense of paying for staff time, training, associated costs such as payslips, stationery and tax paperwork would be no more. Our services are priced to enable you to offer a competitive price to your clients whilst generating good margins.

Our outsourced services can be tailored to meet your requirements and sit seamlessly alongside your other services, enabling you to provide the flexible service your clients want, in a cost-effective and hassle free way.

Further reasons to outsource

With over 25 years of payroll-processing experience, our specialist team manages payroll for a large number of reputable accountants throughout the UK, providing a seamless service to their clients.

Our dedicated technical team have the time to keep abreast of changing legislation and ensure implementation quickly whilst providing support to you and your clients.

Consider outsourcing your payroll to Qtac; we can offer uninterrupted payroll service and competitive advantage.

Testimonial – “The team at Qtac are friendly and always happy to help with any questions we have. They have been incredibly proactive in ensuring that we’re are fully compliant with Auto Enrolment which gives us confidence to get on with the running of the business”

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