Qtac 2020/21 New COVID-19 Features

Mar, 2020

As the government reacts to the COVID-19 crisis on almost a daily basis we have been hard at work to get these changes within the Qtac 2020/21 software for our clients.

We have developed two new features which will capture COVID-19 sickness absence and Furloughed workers helping our clients to manage the process easily.

New SSP rules

HMRC have advised that if you need to take time off work to self-isolate due to Covid 19, the first 3 waiting days that normally apply for SSP will be disregarded and you will be entitled to receive SSP from the first day.

The software has been updated to allow SSP to be paid from day one and can be flagged within the software.

How to process SSP from day one

Furloughed Workers

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme allows all UK employers to access financial support to continue paying part of their employee’s salary that would otherwise have been laid off due to COVID-19.

Within the Qtac 2020/21 software an additional employee payroll status has been added.

How to process Furloughed Workers through Qtac 2020/21

This update is the first release of several COVID-19 functions. We recommend that customers apply the update straight away in order to flag COVID-19 related illnesses and Furloughed workers. In the coming weeks we will release addition features to aid you in reporting this information to HMRC.