Online Payslip Portal

Jan, 2021

Flexible low-cost pricing from £10 per month!

The online payslip Portal has been specifically developed as an extension to our payroll software to enhance the service to businesses, employees and clients at minimal additional cost. The Portal provides secure online access to payslips, P60’s, P45’s and personal data held for payroll processing.

Free up your workload and provide Employers and Employees with self-service access to payroll data. Accommodating real-time access to payroll information from any location across any device whilst ensuring full compliance with GDPR. The portal helps automate and streamline this process, saving time, money and helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Portal Features

Simple synchronisation with your Qtac payroll engine ensures continual accuracy of data. Businesses can view and manage payroll information via easy to use platform from any location or device. Notifications keep all parties involved up to date with the payroll process.

Company Portal provides secure online access to:

  • User managed HMRC liability dashboard – helping employers keep track of payments made and due
  • Employee payroll data, payslips, P45’s and P60’s
  • Payroll reporting

The Bureau Portal provides high-level management access to all your clients’ data as viewed by the company. Flexible low-cost pricing enables you to add value to company and client relationships with minimal impact on overheads.

If you would like any further information and would like to take advantage of the added benefits and security you will receive, give us a call on 0117 935 3500 and our team will be happy to help. Sign up and allow your employees the simplicity and security of receiving payslips and documentation online.