Payroll Run Control

Our ground-breaking new feature allows you to effortlessly manage all payroll tasks in one place.

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Complete transparency over your payrolls and team's activity all in one place.

Payroll Run Control will transform the way that you manage your day-to-day payroll activity, expanding the scope of Qtac from 'Payroll Software' to 'Work Management'. No more need for spreadsheets or disjointed external systems to manage your payroll processes!

Main Benefit Total Payroll Control

Our payroll run dashboard allows you to have complete oversight of all payrolls in one place. Allowing you to easily monitor the status of the day's activity and action any tasks that are overdue.

Main Benefit Manage Overdue Tasks

Drill into overdue tasks. View the history of activity for a client's payroll run. Re-assign tasks to other members of the payroll team.

Main Benefit Plan Resource Effectively

View tasks that have been assigned to members of your payroll team. Keep track of the payrolls they're completing. Plan your resource more effectively.

Manage all of your payrolls in one place and never miss a deadline again!

Switching to Qtac couldn’t be easier

We make shifting your operation to Qtac easy. When you decide to move your payroll to us you’ll have a dedicated team of experts to support you with your migration. Speak to one of our team to discuss your next steps.

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