Payroll Run Control

Jul, 2021

Our latest feature, Payroll Run Control, allows you to effortlessly manage all payroll tasks in one place. There is no longer a need for spreadsheets or disjointed external systems to manage your payroll processes. Payroll Run Control transforms the way that you manage your day-to-day payroll activity increasing productivity.

Payroll Managers will have a full overview of their payrolls and processes. Payroll Run Control solves the problem of managing payroll and business activity. A guided workflow will improve the overall consistency and quality of work. It’s low impact on Payroll Admins will help aid with its implementation and adoption.

Key Benefits

Complete Overview

Our payroll run dashboard allows you to have complete oversight of all payrolls in one place. This view shows all of the most important information for each payroll run. The status fields of the payroll run will change colour during different points of the process.

Simply edit payroll runs on the dashboard allowing you to easily monitor the status of the day’s activity and action any overdue tasks.

Manage Timescales

Payroll Run Control allows you to establish a timeline for payroll, view client payroll history and assign tasks to members of your payroll team, as well as identifying, managing and completing overdue tasks to maintain a smooth workflow.

Plan Resources Effectively

Clearly view tasks that have been assigned to members of your payroll team. Keep track of the payrolls they’re completing.

Once all of the tasks have been completed for the current payroll run the user will get a prompt to start the next payroll run. This will generate the next payroll run for the following period along with all of the corresponding tasks. Manage all of your payrolls in one place and never miss a deadline again.

Task Management

Each Payroll Administrator has access to their own dashboard, displaying payrolls that need to be processed on that day, with all key information available to view for each payroll run.

From their dashboard, they can directly drill into the payroll and run each task rather than navigating to multiple screens, allowing the user to easily flow through their payroll tasks as well as help prioritise their workload.

Centralised Payroll

On the Payroll Administrators dashboard, there is an option to take the user directly to the feature they need to complete their payroll task, saving the time required to navigate to the menu item.

For example; if their next task is to ‘Send Checking Automated Reports’ they can simply click a button and the software will take them straight to the Automated Reports feature.

Customised Working

Customers’ requirements are unique, therefore we offer the ability to customise tasks. These are available on an ad-hoc basis or can be permanently added to a client’s payroll run.

Client specific payroll can have a host of individual requirements. We enable the use of customisable notes to ensure that specific payroll requirements are not missed. These are made easily accessible when processing payrolls and can be viewed collaboratively across your team.

If you would like any further information or would like to arrange a demonstration please give us a call on 0117 935 3500 and our team will be happy to help.