New Feature – Electronic Payslips

Jun, 2016

Electronic payslips have been available in our software for almost 10 years now. Early on, Qtac saw the benefit of being able to email payslips and other reports to employee and employer alike.

Back then the decision was made that, rather than reinventing the wheel we would use a third party supplier. The solution we chose was EDocPrinter PDF from Iteksoft, a clever application which sat in your ‘Printers & Faxes’ area. We embedded some hidden commands in the electronic payslips & reports and all you had to do was select EDoc as your printer.

The advantage of the solution was that you could print all of your payslips in one report, send it to EDoc and then, with the aid of the embedded commands, it would determine whether each payslip should be split and emailed to an individual or keep all payslips wrapped up in one report and then email to one person.

A good solution.

In with the new!

We’ve decided that it’s time to develop our own solution.


We’ve added a guide to our Knowledge Bank to walk you through the set up and on-going use. See below the link getting your payslips sent on email: