Making it easy to report on your gender pay gap

Oct, 2017

Gapsquare has teamed up with Qtac to make it quick and simple for companies to report on their gender pay gap, as per the new government regulations.

Research by Totaljobs reveals that UK employers are unprepared for Gender Pay Gap Reporting legislation. Understanding the regulations can be time-consuming and complex, with specific details about what kind of pay is included, physically doing the number-crunching and then constructing a narrative to explain and contextualise your gender pay gap requires a lot of human-hours plus expertise on diversity, equality and inclusion.

New Gender Gap Software

Gapsquare and Qtac have partnered to solve this problem by creating a downloadable extraction of your company data ready for upload directly into Gapsquare’s software, so you can get:

  • Instant analysis of your gender pay gap not just compliance with the regulations
  • Additional commentary that helps explain and contextualise your gender pay gap

This means that you can;

  • Place your data alongside an accompanying narrative to help you communicate your figures to internal employees, your shareholders and board, and the wider public. Making it easy to explain why you have a gender pay gap, and what you can do to reduce it in the coming years.

Companies that have already reported on their gender pay gap figures have been highlighting the importance of going beyond the reporting to explain your figures and how to best communicate your message – this provides an all-encompassing solution that helps you achieve this with minimal resources, instant analysis and visualised data.

Companies can break down their gender pay gap by different variables including business unit, age and tenure so that they can better understand the figures.

There has never been a more opportune moment to capitalise on tackling diversity and Gapsquare makes it easy to both achieve compliance, plus make yourself stand out from your competitors in managing diversity and inclusion and in driving a more productive and dynamic workforce.

Further Information

If you would like to know more about gender pay assessment, legislative changes and evaluation, please contact the team at Qtac on 0117 935 3500.