Claiming Your Grant under the Job Retention Scheme

Apr, 2020

As a client with furloughed employees, we wanted to remind you that the HMRC Portal to claim the available Grants under the Job Retention Scheme is now available.

Can Qtac claim on my Behalf?

Our team are of course on hand should you have any questions regarding the Furloughed Workers Report or for other queries about the Job Retention Scheme and Furloughing Staff.

We anticipate demand to access the Portal will be high, and so wanted to give you some information on how you can prepare in advance to make your claim.

The following information will be required to claim the available Grant:

  • Employer PAYE Reference Number
  • No of employees being furloughed
  • Name, Payroll / Works Number and NI number for each employee being furloughed
  • Claim period start and end date
  • Amount claimed (as per the minimum length of 3 consecutive weeks)
  • Contact Name and Phone Number

The above information is all included within a new Furloughed Workers Report which you will receive with your normal payroll reports.

In addition, you will also need to provide the following information:

  • Your Self Assessment Unique Taxpayer Reference, or, Corporation Tax Unique Taxpayer Reference, or, Company Registration Number
  • Bank Account and Sort Code for where funds should be paid

To access the Portal you will need to login to the Government Gateway using your standard login details.  Once you have logged in you can then make the claim for the Grant.

If you do not have your login details to hand, your accountant may well be able to provide them to you.  If you don’t have an online account, then you can follow the simple instructions here to register for one.

Also please click link for a detailed step by step guide on how to use the new job retention claim portal.

Please note: Whilst we would be happy to make the claims on behalf of our clients, we unfortunately do not have the necessary authority to claim for this Grant on your behalf.