Automated Reports

Sep, 2020

At Qtac we are always looking to innovate and update features to make it easier for our clients to manage and process their payroll. Automated reports allows you to produce a selection of reports to a desired location in a couple of clicks. This helps automate and streamline your payroll process by saving time.

Producing multiple reports for a number of businesses manually, can be a tedious process. This feature allows the user to define the payroll reports required for each company and link an action to the report generation.  Identify which department and or location you would like to send reports to and distribute by email, printing, exporting or uploading reports to the QPortal. We have made Automated Reports available to use for our Manager, Bureau and Specialist products.

Key Benefits

  • Save time
  • Quick and easy to setup
  • Increases your payroll processing efficiency
  • Sync reports directly to the QPortal
  • Saves a record of regular reports you have to produce

Adding Payroll Reports to the QPortal

The quickest way to upload your payroll reports to the QPortal is through the use of Automated Reports or Global Automated Reports (for Specialist users) from within the Qtac Software.

The QPortal allows you to publish reports electronically from within your Qtac payroll software to the portal. The portal provides secure access to payroll data in real-time giving greater accessibility to data and removing issues around data transfer between the individual parties. Individual logins also give personal secure access to payroll information ensuring full compliance with GDPR.

Once delivered, your employees can view their current and historic payslips from any device and any location. To find out more about our cloud-based portal click here.

Global Automated Reports

Global Automated Reports is a Payroll Specialist feature that allows you to run reports on a global scale. This means that all of your specified reports across multiple companies can be produced and distributed at one time. If you would like to find out further information about upgrading to Payroll Specialist please contact us on 0117 9353500 (option 2).


We’ve added a guide to our Knowledge Base to walk you through the setup and on-going use. Click on the link below to get started: