About Qtac

A team of dedicated payroll specialists leading the way through innovation and service.

Our history

Starting with our Award Winning payroll calculator QtaxPro in 1994, our team of payroll experts have been leading the way for over 20 years in developing payroll services for businesses, accountancy firms and specialist payroll bureaux.

Since then we’ve expanded our range of services to include a full suite of software products plus fully managed and outsourced payroll services.

Since its beginnings, Qtac has strived to help shape the payroll industry, whether through its involvement with the planning and implementation of legislative changes, or its innovative solutions aimed at making payroll management easier for its clients.

Our in house development and technical teams continually explore ways to help and support our clients not only keep up to date with changing legislation but manage their payroll more efficiently and cost effectively.

Industry engagement

Qtac are active in the Payroll, Pension and HR Special Interest Group. We are also members of the BCS Payroll Group and CIPP. Close engagement with industry allows us early insight into future changes in payroll, helping us deliver well thought out solutions.

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Our mission

In an ever-more complicated industry our mission is to take the complexity out of payroll, helping free our clients to focus on their core business. We’re achieving this with an amazing group of passionate people fanatical about delivering a top class service, embracing new technology.


Our values

To support us in our mission are a set of core values that we all uphold. We pride ourselves on providing great customer service showing respect, being supportive, responsive and giving the customer the service they deserve.

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Always customers first

We always listen to what you have to say. We have built strong relationships with our customers, which gives us an understanding of what clients want.

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Industry excellence

Our team are single-mindedly determined in delivering top class experiences for our customers through outstanding customer service and inventive technical solutions.

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Seeking innovation

Our team of techies have a broad background in payroll. This combined with the close relationships we have with customers has enabled us to deliver innovative, yet insightful new features.

Qtac team culture

At Qtac we’re all about delighting our customers and looking after our team. Our exceptionally high staff retention rates mean our employees are here to stay. They form lasting and engaging relationships with our clients, and have a genuine passion for everything they do.

Over the years we’ve developed a unique culture, with our four company values – innovation, customer first, community and excellence – running at the heart of everything we do.